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The Zhong Yung Philosophy:
To strive to become a leader in the chemical solvent distribution industry and create value; to seek harmonious development with our staff, customers, partners and the global community; to achieve common values and Zhong Yung’s mission to become a company that creates value.

Our Action Guidelines:
To become an outstanding company that is dedicated to just, fair and open business activities; to strive to fulfill our social responsibilities and protect the environment; to help our partners succeed and achieve the Zhong Yung set of values; to be people-oriented and help our employees achieve their ideals.

To promote the harmonious culture of VALUE C & YOU and participate in responsible and care actions, committing to industry activities on health, safety and the environment (Feel HSE and Feel ZY); to strive and fulfill our social responsibilities, protect the environment, help our partners succeed and achieve the Zhong Yung set of values; to be people-oriented and help our employees achieve their ideals.
Contribution: to contribute value to our customers and partners
Creation: to create value for our customers and partners
Combination: to combine the value of our employees, customers and partners with the value of the society

Quality Guidelines:
1. To provide value-added products and services that fully meet our customers’ requirements.
2. To relay the culture and values of our partners
3. To be committed to the success of our customers, suppliers and partners.

Mission Statement:
We strive to become the preferred partner for the distribution of chemicals and services and we strive to combine economic success with social and environmental responsibilities.

Statement of objectives:
To become the most outstanding distributor of chemicals in regions where we are located and strive towards excellence.

Statement of core values:
1. Morality and integrity: helping our customers achieve success; focus on innovation; integrity and sense of responsibility; health as top priority;
2. Safety: safety first, continuous and sustained improvement;
3. Staff: respect and value each and every employee; support each and every one of them and develop his or her professional standards;
4. Colleagues: open and frank exchanges; respect for others; common progress with others;
5. Three key elements of communication: respect, frankness and compromise;
6. Three key elements of respect: respect for the staff, customers and suppliers;
7. Three key elements to establish repute: character, skills and duties, and constant awareness of the weight one carries;
8. Three key elements of the needs of the staff: benefits, work environment and opportunities for development;
9. Five key elements for selecting and nurturing talent; integrity, talent, capability, tenacity and awareness.

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