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Zhong Yung (Chongqing) Chemical Distribution Service Company
Release time:2012-8-10 9:05:39
Zhong Yung (Chongqing) Chemical Distribution Service Company Limited was built and put into operation at the end of December 2012. Located in the Changshou Chemical Industrial Park in Chongqing and costing a total of RMB170 million in investment, the Zhong Yung (Chongqing) project covers an area of 44,802 square meters. The total capacity of its stainless steel storage tanks is 2,400 cubic meters (100 cubic meters x 24 tanks) and it has 5 shelf-type Group A warehouses and 4 constant temperature warehouses. With a total area of 5,978 square meters, they can be used for the storage of peroxides, solid salts, hazardous liquids, and other chemical products. It has various equipment, such as equipment for organic solvent mixing and acid, alkali and salt dilution, and can undertake OEM processing according to customer requirements. Its professional focus is on supporting the PCB, coatings and inks, food and daily chemical industries.

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